Wind-Net's glossary of Internet lingo......

The Internet is full of slang, abbreviations and cute little sayings.
We have started to put together a list of these to help you with the confusion and make you sound more Internet savvy.

So lets start with the most used these days:

www = World Wide Web ....That's the Internet.

ISP = Internet Service Provider.....These companies provide the means with which to access the internet from you computer ie: Rogers, Bell, Ilap, etc.

Hosting = The storage of your web files (which is usually done through and ISP).

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.....Quite often the first place you want to go to on a site if you have a specific question.

HTML = HyperText Markup Language.....This is the most common code used to design web sites.

Meta Tags = Hidden keywords in the web code that the search engines look for.

jpg/jpeg = The most common file format for images displayed on websites.

Blog = Interactive online journals and disscussion groups displayed on websites. Public access is widely encouraged. Images may also be displayed.

Podcasting = Identical to a blog except the primary content is video uploaded by users.

Flash = Interactive graphics and animation for the web. Can be used for menus, demonstrations, product tours, really anything you can think of. Wind-Net's main menu was created using the Flash application.

Mpeg/Quicktime = The two most common video formats on the web. Mpeg is a format native to Windows while Quicktime (.mov) is native to Mac, although it is fully compatible with (and sometimes preferred) Windows users.

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