Five steps to Internet success

How can you build a better website? It's a critical question demanding a thoughtful response -- because these days, the Internet is an important communication and/or operational tool for companies everywhere. Wind-Net's experience suggests successful websites are created by following these five simple rules:

  1. Survey your clients, both external (i.e., customers) and internal (e.g., your staff). Only with their input can you determine the correct objectives and design of your site.
  2. Plan out your website by phase. By breaking the project into smaller pieces you can spread out your costs over time.
  3. Test your site: Before "going live," ask employees who haven't worked on the project review and comment on the site. Then obtain reviews from some of your most trusted clients. Don't pay lip service to their feedback -- act on it!
  4. Invest at least 30% of your website costs in promoting your site to potential visitors -- only with users will your Web investment pay off. As with any marketing initiative, be sure your promotional efforts target your desired audience.
  5. Grow your site. Keep your Web content and appearance fresh; add features as they become desirable and, just as important, feasible. To determine if your site is staying up to scratch, follow this rule of thumb: if clients see no value in returning month to month, then your site is stale -- and traffic will plummet.

Wind-Net can offer many more specific recommendations for creating and maintaining a successful website. If you'd like to discuss your existing site or want to start from scratch, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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