Re: www.holdforgold.com (part of www.varietyontario.com)
Dear Bronwyn,
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge your extraordinary contribution to the Hold for Gold fundraising.

Firstly, congratulations for meeting our tight deadlines. In just two weeks, your team was able to develop a fully functional e-commerce site for our event. Once the site was up and running, Wind-Net continued to modify the site within three hours of each of the frequent updates.

But mostly, Wind-Net deserves high praise for supporting Hold for Gold. Thanks to you and your team for volunteering manpower for the event and for donating two-thirds of your fee to a worthy cause. Hold for Gold could not have been a success without contributions like Wind-Net's.

Best Regards
Jason Hardy
Events Coordinator


Re: www.smokincigar.com
Dear Brett,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank Wind-Net for your excellent work on developing our website. When I first approached you about my project I was concerned that costs would stop me from opening an on-line store. But Wind-Net worked out a monthly payment plan that allowed me to get my website and my new store up and running. Most important, my clients are pleased with the site.

Thank you again for your commitment to quality and for taking the time to learn about my business. Your excellent efforts are certainly reflected in www.smokincigar.com, and I look forward to growing the site with you and the Wind-Net team.

Best Regards
Trae Zammit


Re: www.obrienking.com
Dear Brett,
I'm writing to offer my thanks for your work on developing the O'Brien King website. As you know, our business is geared to serving the immigration needs of potential clients around the world. The website you created for us has proven effective at educating potential clients about immigration to Canada, and providing quick and easy access to information about our immigration services. We've received many new inquiries through our website, which helps us serve our existing client base 24-hours-a-day, no matter what time zone they are in.

A special note of thanks to Bronwyn Gray for her clear instruction regarding the process of the design and construction of the website and her patience in amending information on an ongoing basis. We have had great feedback regarding the website and we have noticed the increasing number of hits per month.

Business has increased partly due to the website. The site has given OKC a niche market place in doing business on the "web". We look forward to continued business from the website and plan to contact Wind-Net in the New Year to discuss expansion of the site and increased promotion.

We appreciate your sound business sense, and would like to thank you again for your commitment to O'Brien King Consultants.

Monica O'Brien


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